Join us in our exciting Puzzle Fundraiser to help the Leap Homeschool Community Center!

Each puzzle piece you purchase, for a minimum $10 donation, will contribute directly to our efforts to secure a much-needed building for our community. As a participant in this fundraiser, you’ll have a piece dedicated to you in the completed puzzle that will hang in our building, but also make a lasting impact on the lives of countless homeschooling families. This fundraiser will facilitate bringing our vision of a dedicated homeschool community center to life; with the funds going directly towards acquiring a suitable building that will serve as a hub for our homeschooling community.

Your donations will play a vital role in transforming our dreams into reality. With a permanent space, we can provide essential resources, host educational workshops, camps, and events and foster a supportive environment for homeschooling families to thrive and give back in a life of service to North West Ohio. Help us create a space where children can learn, grow, and develop their unique talents and abilities.

Let’s piece together the puzzle of our community center, one generous donation at a time, and pave the way for a brighter future for all of us at the Leap Homeschool Community Center.